Best Easy Rasmalai Recipe 2020

What is Rasmalai?

ras malai is a sweet dish from West bengal. it is made by Chhena and Sweeten milk and garnished with saffron and pista. it is a very famous recipe in a sweet dish of Indian.

How to make best Spongy Rasmalai ?

To make rasmalai, we have to do simple steps of its recipe very carefully and its entire steps are very important. We can not leave any step, if you know about the method of Rasgulla Recipe then make rasmalai It will be very easy for you, by the way, every dish present here is like a very simple and easy preparation that you can make very easily.

Rasmalai Recipe

Rasmalai is also called Bengali Mithai or Bengali Sweet. in This recipe we provide Full details about Spongy Sweet Rasmalai recipe.
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Resting Time 7 hrs
Total Time 7 hrs 50 mins
Course Sweet Dish
Cuisine Indian
Servings 15 Rasmalai
Calories 376 kcal


For The Rasmalai Balls

  • 1 liter Milk Full Fat
  • 5 tbsp vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Cornflour or Maida
  • 250 Gram Sugar

For Ras Thickened Milk ( Milk Syrup)

  • 500 ML Milk Full Fat
  • 5 Gram strands of Saffron
  • 5 Cardamom Powder
  • 50 Gram Sugar as Per Taste
  • 50 Gram pistachois finely chopped


For Making Rasmalai Balls

  • Take Milk in a Pot and Boil it on High Medium Flame
  • Turn of the Flame and rest for 5 min to cool the milk. After 5 min Add vinegar in the hot milk until the milk turn into curdles completely.
  • Using the cotton cloth drain the water and collect the Chhena ( If you use lemon Juice For Curding Milk you must need to wash chhena with Plan water. )
  • Tie the Chhena in the cotton cloth and hang it for 15 minutes. Then take chhena in your hand and squeeze out remaining water.
  • Take Chhena in plat add Maida or Cornflour and start mashing till it’s smooth. It will take 10-15 minutes for mashing and getting smooth chhena Dhow.
  • Make small bolls and press it.
  • Heat 250 gm Sugar and Half Liter water in a wide pan and wait until it boil.
  • Drop chhena bolls in sugar syrup and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Add some Hot Water and turn the Chhena Balls and cook again 10 min.
  • turn off the flame and let it cool.

For Thickened Milk

  • Take a Heavy Bottom Pan, Boil 500 ML Full Fat Milk.
  • Take 2 tbsp Hot Milk in a bow land soak few strands of Saffron.
  • Once Milk come to boil turn lower the flame and continue to stir the milk.
  • Add Sugar and mix it well.
  • After some time milk will thicker as we need, add saffron and Cardamom powder.
  • Also add Finely chopped dry fruits mixed it well and turn of the flame.


  • Take out Cooled Chhena Balls from the sugar syrup and squeeze with your hand.
  • Drop into the thickened Milk one by one all Balls (Milk should be warm)
  • let it cool on room temperature for 3-4 Hours after that Refrigerate it 7-8 Hours before serving
  • Garnish with pistachois or Dry fruit and Saffron strands before serving.


For Curdly Milk 
  • We can use Lemon Juice or citric acid it is also work well But you make sure after curdle milk you need to wash out citric taste from the curdle milk.
Spongy Rasmalai
  • For Spongy rasmalai or Rasgullas we need to add Hot water continue in sugar syrup to avoid being thicker.
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